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Geotechnical Engineers

Our geotechnical engineers and geologist are equipped to provide technical and practical expertise in a range of development projects.

We have over 20 years experience in assessing geotechnical conditions throughout Victoria and have assisted on many landmark projects. Our years of hands on experience are invaluable given the importance and consequences of accurately identifying the reactivity and stability of soils in the construction industry.

Our unique geographic reach allows us to offer site-wide services throughout Victoria.

Whether you simply need a site classification test for your home or require an in-depth investigation for a major development we are happy to assist.


We provide specialist geotechnical services and advice for residential or commercial construction across Victoria.

Our services include:

  • Geotechnical investigation for commercial construction including deep drilling and rock coring
  • Pavement investigation for new road construction
  • Pavement assessment and rehabilitation design for existing distressed roads
  • Landslide risk assessment for construction
  • Land capability assessment for effluent disposal
  • Geo-environmental preliminary investigation
  • Environmental site assessments for residential and commercial developments
  • Site classification for residential construction
  • Footing inspection and bearing capacity verification
  • In-situ soil bearing capacity assessment
  • Distressed building investigation
  • Flexible joint design for reactive sites
  • Percolation testing for stormwater design


Additional services:

  • BAL ratings for bushfire assessment in accordance with A3959-2009
  • Wind rating in accordance with AS 4055-2012