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Two Lot Subdivisions

December 10 2015

St Quentin Consulting receives many enquiries from people wishing to undertake a two lot subdivision on their existing house block, but aren’t sure where to start. In many of Geelong’s more established suburbs with larger lot sizes (over 700 sq.m) there is an opportunity to subdivide a unit site in the side or rear or of the block.  Whilst this is a great way to realise some of the existing equity within a property, the process can be far from simple, and early advice from St Quentin Consulting can be invaluable.

There are many factors which can influence whether or not a two lot subdivision is possible.  Matters such as the presence of vegetation, the size and location of buildings and structures, the presence of easements, even the presence of street furniture in the adjoining road reserve can al influence whether or not it is possible to create a two lot subdivision that satisfies Council’s requirements.

Being a multi-disciplinary services firm, St Quentin Consulting can provide a lot of advice that other Surveyors or Town Planners cannot. For example, creating a two lot subdivision may mean your existing house is now remote from underground services such as sewer, water or stormwater.  This could result in you being required to extend these services, often at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars.  Getting accurate and early advice on issues like these from our Civil Engineering department is absolutely critical to the feasibility of any development.

Another requirement that will be imposed on almost all small subdivisions will be the provision of a stormwater management plan. Standard planning permit conditions will require the treatment any stormwater runoff from the site to best practice standards.  Additionally, there will be a requirement to manage the rate of runoff from the site so it is not increased by the development.  St Quentin Consulting has a lot of experience in providing these stormwater management plans, and specialises in designing systems that work best for particular sites.  We work in with architects, builders and council officers to determine the most efficient and cost effective method of achieving detention and treatment, which if not done right could result in unnecessary expenses in the thousands of dollars.

For a fixed fee, St Quentin Consulting can review the planning and engineering constraints related to any small subdivision and provide early feasibility advice that could save thousands of dollars down the track. If you are considering a small development but are not sure where to start, contact St Quentin Consulting for an obligation free discuss on how we can assist you in simplifying the subdivision process, and help you achieve the best possible outcome for your project.